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The ULTIMATE List of Red Giant Plugins for Premiere Pro!

I’m sure you’ve heard of Red Giant before and there is good reason. They do some amazing plugins, not just for After Effects but also for Premiere Pro too.

That’s why we’re going to look at the Top Five Red Giant Plugins for Premiere Pro

We love plugins here because they make our life much, much, simpler and that’s what we’re all about at DigiProTips – working smarter, not harder.

So, Let’s Get To It

Red Giant PluralEyes
Red Giant PluralEyes syncing audio and video in Premiere Pro automatically.

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5. PluralEyes

The first up at number 5 is Red Giant PluralEyes. This plugin from Red Giant is aimed at making the synchronization of separate audio and video files far simpler than lining up by eye or using the synchronize tool inside Premiere Pro, which can be very hit and miss.

Who is this for? This is for anyone that uses an external recording device separate to their main camera body and therefore has to sync up their audio to their footage in post after the shoot. Which if you are conducting a multi-person, multi-cam shoot or any sort of shoot that doesn’t involve a shotgun mic connected to your camera then you will be used to the pain of syncing up your media afterwards.

With PluralEyes you can literally just throw your footage at it and it will create a timeline for you, syncing up separately recorded audio and video files using the embedded audio waveform from your files.

The program comes as a stand alone application you can open up and add your files for synchronization to or you can even use the extension inside of Premiere Pro so that you don’t have to go through the UI of the plug-in.

PluralEyes is available for $299 but it is also worth noting that as with most Red Giant plug-ins there is a 14-day free trial you can use. I highly suggest that you use it to give the app a go because you won’t look back.

4. Denoiser III

Red Giant Denoiser III
Red Giant Denoiser III

At number four we have Red Giant’s Denoiser III. This may be another plugin that you’ve heard us talk about before and that is for good reason because it’s so good at removing noise straight out of the box.

The plugin uses a pretty intensive algorithm to analyze your footage and remove noise from the image a replace with pixels it believes would have otherwise been there.

It can do a fantastic job and if you push it even further you’ll find some results that may surprise you but be careful with this plug-in because it does take a long time to render when you have this effect on your footage.

The plugin is available as a stand alone plugin for $199 or you can actually purchase it as part of the brilliant Magic Bullet Looks Suite for $899. The suite contains even more of the best plugins we are going to look at below and is an incredible investment for any videographer as part of their post-production toolkit.

Red Giant Complete Deal
Red Giant Complete Deal

Bonus Tip. Red Giant now offer an annual subscription to all of their products called Red Giant Complete and is available for $599. Meaning you get access to every plugin and product in their catalogue for $50 a month!

3. Magic Bullet Looks 4

Red Giant Magic Bullet Looks 4
Red Giant Magic Bullet Looks 4

At number three we have Red Giant Magic Bullet Looks. This is the standalone plugin from the Magic Bullet Looks Suite.

It comes with many features but most importantly of all, it comes with pre-made LUTs and effects that you can assign to your footage and build up your own ‘look’. You can save that ‘look’ as your own preset and use it time and time again. This is incredibly useful as a time saving device in post because if you have a look that you like and you just want to throw it on your footage without having to do too much more to it than that.

Magic Bullet Looks is aimed at Editors and Videographers who don’t want to dive down too deep into the rabbit hole of color grading but know that a decent color tweak can make all the difference. I have used Magic Bullet Looks (along with the Colorista plugin) so many times it would be hard to put a number to it. I save a few different ‘look’ presets that I prefer and can apply quickly to get a first version out to a client with a draft grade on. I can then build on that with Colorista or Lumetri Color and create a bespoke and impactful grade.

Magic Bullet Looks as a separate plugin is available for $399 BUT I highly recommend going the extra on budget, if you can, for the whole Magic Bullet Suite. It is well worth it for the extra tools it gives you.

2. Colorista IV

Red Giant Colorista IV
Red Giant Colorista IV

For number two we have Red Giant’s Colorista IV which takes Magic Bullet Looks and goes a step further. Giving you advanced options for tweaking your color grade.

The Lumetri Color effect from Premiere Pro may seem advanced but the Colorista IV plugin has so many tools packed into this one application that it’s hard to compare the two.

Aside from the usual 3-way color correction tools, LUTs, vignetting and color matching that you get in Lumetri, Colorista will guide your color correction (if you are new to color correction/grading) so you can get the perfect grade the first time. It has an in-built keyer, meaning you don’t need to add separate effects. It supports LOG footage, has skin mapping and it is all GPU accelerated, so it won’t take precious resources from your CPU.

Red Giant Colorista IV Tools
Red Giant Colorista IV Tools

Colorista IV is actually available as a standalone plugin for less than the Magic Bullet Looks plugin, at $199. BUT again, the plugin comes as part of the wider Magic Bullet Looks Suite as well as the previous two plugins we have looked at already. It cannot be understated how much value that suite gives you.

1. Universe

Red Giant Universe 3
Red Giant Universe 3.2

The top spot has to go to Red Giant’s Universe plugin. I have spoken about Universe before but simply because it so useful you’ve got to give it a go.

What makes Universe so good? It is full of transitions and effects that you will use time and time again, on every single edit that you go forwards with from this point onwards. It is that good that you won’t even know how to work without it once you’ve downloaded it and applied it on your footage. The UI is very intuitive and simple to use, making any effect very quick to apply.

The best part is that all of the 87 tools and presets available are all GPU accelerated. Meaning your timeline shouldn’t struggle to playback with any of these effects on them.

Red Giant Universe Tools
Red Giant Universe Tools

Red Giant Universe is available for $199 as it’s own application or you can have it included as part of Red Giant’s Complete package with an annual subscription of $599.

Red Giant Complete Deal
Red Giant Complete Deal

The package bought separately would cost you nearly $3,500. So, the savings to be made here are BIG.

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