What Are LUTs and How Do You Use Them?

We see the word LUT being thrown around a lot these days. You can add them to your cameras, they’re in your NLE’s and YouTuber’s are selling their own custom LUTs so you can emulate their style.

But what is a LUT?

Well, we give you a quick and concise overview in the video above but simply put a LUT is a ‘Look Up Table’.

That help you much?

No, didn’t think so. A better way of thinking of a LUT is as a preset for a specified colour grade or correction for footage. There are, however, different types of LUTs as well. There are technical LUTs that change your footage from LOG to REC709 for instance or there are style LUTs like the YouTuber’s mentioned above are selling, which change your footage to emulate certain looks and grades that you may have a preference for.

Check the video above for an example of how to use LUTs properly with your NLE.

If you’re looking for a place to buy pre-made LUTs then bouncecolor.com have some great packages available.


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