Personalized Video Editing Coaching

Get personalized video editing coaching with 1-on-1 Sessions with me. Learn from someone who has been in the business of video editing for 15 years and working for feature film VFX post houses, TV News stations, social media publications, creative marketing agencies, my own YouTube channel, and much, much more. You will receive a dedicated hours tutoring with me as we go over whatever support you’re looking for.

Video Editing Coaching

Learn Anything in Premiere Pro

Subjects include:

  • Getting started with Premiere Pro
  • How to import media and get cutting
  • Understanding the basics of video editing
  • How to craft stories in video editing
  • Industry techniques
  • The most used and best plugins for Premiere Pro
  • Advanced technical information
  • Efficiency workflows
  • Export standards
  • Editing for social media platforms, shot form, documentary, broadcast and cinema.

If you’re completely new to Premiere Pro, I can get you up and running within just a few sessions. We’ll cover Premiere Pro basics, project settings and the interface layout, simple editing techniques, storytelling, keyboard shortcuts, plugins, time-saving efficient workflows, industry standards, and much, much more.

If you’re looking for help with a specific project or workflow, you’ve come to the right place. I can offer solutions or alternative methods to make your workflow more efficient. I have experienced a lot of common and more interesting problems inside and outside of Premiere Pro.

Is there a specific video editing topic that you’d like to learn quickly? If so, let me know what that topic is, and within just a few short sessions, you’ll have a stronger grasp on whatever concept it is that’s troubling you.

For any questions or queries you might have, contact Andy Edmondson.

Choose a Plan to Suit You

Hourly or Monthly Video Editing Coaching Plans Available

Hourly Plan

  • 2 hours per month $250/£200
  • 4 hours per month $450/£350
  • 8 hours per month $800/£650


  • 1 hour 1-on-1 sessions
  • Flexible and Focused
  • Project consulting
  • Pay by the hour

Monthly Plan

  • 3 hours per week (12 hours per month) $1350/£1100
  • 4 hours per week (16 hours per month) $1750/£1450
  • 5 hours per week (20 hours per month) $2200/£1800


  • Multi-hour 1-on-1 sessions
  • Flexible and Focused
  • Project or Topic-directed
  • Learn a topic thoroughly
  • Pay by the month

Additional hours or desired sessions other than what is listed are possible. Group rates and business sessions available upon request.

Contact Andy Edmondson now to get started with personalized video editing coaching.