Sync Your Media With PluralEyes

Sync Your Footage and Audio Automatically with RedGiant PluralEyes

When you are shooting your video and audio separately syncing your footage up to your audio in post can take a LONG time. Especially if the in-built synchronisation tools in your NLE aren’t capable of analysing the waveforms properly to find a match or the timecodes don’t line up as they should.

Well, fear not, Red Giant will yet again save the day. It has a plugin for your NLE’s (it can also be used as a standalone app) called PluralEyes. It does what your NLE might not… It syncs footage!

It really is as simple as throwing your media at it, hitting ‘synchronise’ and voila! It spits out a new timeline or xml file for you and the job is done.

To see it in action watch the video above.


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