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Making Modern Animated Titles in Davinci Resolve 16

The move to Resolve 16 from platforms like Premiere Pro and FCPX is not stopping. There are now more and more tutorials coming out showing you how to achieve all the techniques you used to use every day in your previous NLE now in Resolve 16.

The tutorial above, by YouTuber The Modern Filmmaker, shows you how to achieve modern-looking, animated titles in the new editing software. Something a lot of us take for granted in our old NLE workflows.

The interesting thing about Resolve 16 is that all of the traditional departments of post-production work are split into separate apps within the same software. For the above techniques you use its ‘Fusion’ app in conjunction with the ‘Edit’ feature to create a congruous composition in your timeline. It’s kind of like having After Effects inside of Premiere Pro and jumping seamlessly between the two.

Premiere Pro does have its own small effects panels inside the software but these are far limited compared to After Effects. And of course there is the dynamic link feature between different Adobe apps but again that can breakdown and uses a lot of computer resources. Resolve 16 seems to have the answer to this.

We think it’s too early to tell at this point which workflow is the easiest to handle, the most efficient and the most powerful in terms of what you can create with them. So for now, we’ll let you be the judge on this one. Let us know what you think.

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