Premiere Pro CC 2020 Auto Reframe

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020’s Auto Reframe Tool is Finally Here!

Adobe unleashed a melee of buzz, hype and craze in September at IBC this year when they debuted their new feature in Premiere Pro called Auto Reframe.

Aimed at social creators and basically any editor who will have to deliver to a social network at some point, this new tool could revolutionise how you do that and how quickly too.

Why Do We Need This?

Well, as we’ve explained in our guide to aspect ratios, social platforms all have different aspect ratios they prefer. That used to mean that editors would have to spend time reformatting their sequences for these different aspect ratios. It would often result in a lot of time spent keyframing to keep the subject of a shot within a (usually) smaller frame.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020 has changed that with its new Auto Reframe feature because it does that job automatically for you.

Using Adobe Sensei’s AI technology Premiere can now decide what the central focus of the shot is and keyframe the movement for you.

It’s an incredible tool that frees up an editors time and will ultimately make you more efficient, working smarter and not harder. Which is what we like here.

Check out our video above for a first look at the feature and how we got on with some simple tests.


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