Sennheiser EW-DP NAB 2023

A FULLY Digital Mic System That’s EASY for Beginners to Use, This is the EW-DP From Sennheiser

A fully digital audio mic system controlled via an app that even beginners can use?

This Pro Tippers is the all-new 5th gen EW-DP package from Sennheiser.

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It’s NAB 2023 and this is DigiProTips bringing you some DigiProNews, here we work smarter not harder so you have more time to be creative.

The Trusted EW UHF Series

So, the eagle-eyed out there will remember that I spoke about this in a previous episode of DigiProNews and that I thought Sennheiser would showcase it at an event like NAB and guess what, they have!

I also mentioned that Sennheiser’s EW series is one of the most renowned audio systems for production creatives and is trusted worldwide.

This new 5th gen looks to one-up its previous UHF system by going fully digital.

Sennheiser EW-DP - NAB 2023

Looking to capitalize on their already large user base they are now tapping into beginner markets by making the system easier to use and more robust, leading to less downtime on set. 

They say, ‘We designed EW-DP such that it is intuitive and fast to set up and helps you to troubleshoot your system. EW-DP provides the reliability and consistency that you need in stressful filming situations and time-sensitive working scenarios.’

Features of the EW-DP

A unique feature of this generation is that they are magnetically stackable rather than using screw mount rigs.

The set has all the usual suspects, including a bodypack transmitter for clip-on mics, a handheld transmitter and a plug-on transmitter that will launch in October.

The system inherits the capabilities of the previous generations with the exceptionally low latency of 1.9 ms and a wide 134 dB dynamic input range, which ensures that everything from a soft whisper to a loud scream can be reliably captured without distortion.

Sennheiser EW-DP - NAB 2023

Three sets are available now: a set that comes with a bodypack transmitter and omni-directional clip-on (lavalier) microphone, a set that includes a cardioid clip-on microphone for noisier environments and a set that contains a handheld transmitter with cardioid dynamic microphone head.

All sets come with a magnetic mounting plate kit, a BA 70 rechargeable battery, two standard AA batteries, a locking 3.5 mm TRS to 3.5 mm TRS cable, a locking 3.5 mm TRS to XLR cable, and a USB-C charging cable for the receiver.

There are also more power options available, either via a BA 70 lithium-ion rechargeable battery, two standard AA batteries, or via USB by a power bank, for example.

Who is the EW-DP For?

They’re actually aiming this at videographers who they deem as having less time for audio setups but know it’s important.

Sennheiser EW-DP Videographer - NAB 2023

Therefore an easier system to use will result in higher-quality output.

Also, they say, ‘Thanks to EW-DP’s automated frequency coordination, videographers can get up and running quickly: The receiver finds a free frequency (which can also be initiated via the Smart Assist app), then the transmitter is simply synced via Bluetooth.’

The Smart App for the EW-DP

Sennheiser EW-DP Smart App - NAB 2023

The app also offers alerts for audio clipping, low battery, occupied frequencies, muted transmitters, and unlinked devices.

Not only this but you can monitor and override settings via the app, including unmuting accidental button presses from talent discreetly from across the room.


There’s no indication of price at this point before it’s showcased at NAB but I can hazard a guess that it will bench similar to the previous EW generations.

It will take a few weeks post-launch for the proper reviews to come out but I’m anticipating a widely positive review based on previous versions and the new ease-of-use system.

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