Adobe NAB 2023 Premiere Pro Update

Text-Based Video Editing, HDR Match and Auto Save – This is the NAB 2023 Adobe Premiere Pro Update!

Text-Based Editing?

What the what?

Yup, you better believe it Pro Tippers and it’s going to be a game-changer!

It’s NAB 2023 and this is DigiProTips bringing you some DigiProNews, here we work smarter not harder so you have more time to be creative.

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Premiere Pro Gets a Very Cool New Feature

Premiere Pro Text-Based Editing NAB 2023

Adobe has brought the ability to create edits in the timeline by selecting text in the transcription and pasting it into your timeline.

That’s crazy cool!

BUT hang on a second… this isn’t actually something new, it’s just the first time it’s been able to be done in an Adobe product.

Descript Can Edit Via Text

Descript Video Editing Via Text

Yes, Descript has actually had this feature for a long time now, allowing you to edit your already-shot footage down by removing words in a transcript doc.

Adobe has taken this idea, this approach, and integrated it into Premiere Pro, a fully-fledged editing platform.

That’s the game-changer here.

It makes starting those rough cuts from a client’s notes on the transcript sooo much easier!

Can You Fully Edit Via Text in Premiere Pro Now?

Let’s not get carried away though here.

This isn’t full editing capabilities via text editing. This is the ability for Prmeiere to identify which parts of a clip you would like from the video transcription and gran specific clip for you.

We’re a little way off full AI editing yet…

Or are we?

AI Hand to Hand - Video Editing AI - Premiere Pro NAB Update

HDR Matching in Premiere Pro

Now, this isn’t the only new announcement from Adobe for Premiere Pro at NAB 2023.

There is something that I am very excited about and that is the ability for Premiere to color match between SDR and HDR footage.

Adobe Premiere HDR Matching - NAB 2023 Update

Mixing the two has been something of an editor or colorist’s irk for a couple of years since HDR emerged.

Now Premiere can do it for you automatically. Automatic Tone Mapping and Log Color Detection as they labeled it.

I’m assuming it’s using the Adobe Sensei engine (that it uses for color matching) but that it has now been upgraded for HDR.

We’ll see how good it actually is because we know the original color-matching tool is very hit-and-miss.

Bonus Feature – Background Auto Save for Premiere Pro

There is actually something else they announced too.

And for me and probably every Premiere editor out there this is the biggy… automatic background autosave!!

It’s finally here!!

Yes, Resolve had it first and yes, it’s too little too late for many who have moved from Premiere because of its stability issues but it’s finally here.

The agony of losing your work due to Premiere’s inability not to crash may finally be a step closer to being less painful!!

After Effects Updates Too

There are a bunch of under-the-hood enhancements for After Effects too but I’ll cover those another time.

Now, if you want more Adobe magic and you haven’t heard what they’re up to with AI then you really need to check out Adobe Firefly right here.

Adobe Firefly AI Update - NAB 2023

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