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Which Synology NAS for video editing

Which is the Best Synology NAS for Video Editing?

Which Synology NAS is the best for my size team? Which Synology is the best NAS for video editing? Well, I have a few options for you to choose from!

iPhone NDI Cam for OBS
Use Your Smartphone as a Webcam With NDI and OBS

Ever wanted to use your smartphone as a webcam for game streaming in OBS? Well, now it’s actually super simple with NDI technology!

10 gig switches video editing shared storage
Why You Need 10 Gig Switches When Working With Shared Storage For Video Editing

Video editing from shared storage can be a problem with many users. However, with 10 Gig switches your whole team can edit 4K, in real-time!

best lens for blackmagic studio camera
Which is the Best Lens for the Blackmagic Studio Camera?

The Blackmagic Studio Camera are great but which are the best lenses to use with these micro four thirds mount cameras?

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